Water Removal and Fire Restoration in Chicago and Highland Park

Water removal and fire restoration by professional disaster recovery experts

Water damage can be as devastating as fire damage and fast water removal is required to prevent further damage as well as potential health risks. Standing water will weaken building structures and encourage the formation of mold and harmful bacteria and pathogens. Even if your water damage is from a clean source, water can quickly degrade and pose a serious health risk.  If you suffer water damage or fire damage or both you need to call the fire restoration and disaster recovery people as soon as possible.

If you experience some disaster in Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville or Skokie you can call Laurens Restoration to carry out vital water removal and fire restoration services. They follow IICRC procedures and standards and will restore you property to pre-loss condition. They will remove any level of water before it degrades and becomes contaminated. This also prevents additional damage and losses. They will also perform important board-ups and other safety procedures to secure the property to prevent possible injury and harm.

Smoke and odor removal are also important aspects of the fire restoration process. Smoke can tracle through air conditioning and ventilation systems, spread to all corners of your home and penetrate pores, cracks and crevices of all types of surfaces.  This will also leave a very pungent and unpleasant odor in your home. Special equipment and procedures such as ozone treatment are used to remove and eliminate intolerable smoke odors. In addition ash and water will form sludge and scoot which can be very messy and needs to be cleaned as soon as possible

The clean-up process needs to be thorough, from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall and from door to door. Disaster recovery also involves content manipulation and salvaging.   Salvageable content needs to be packed, catalogued and repaired.  Water removal and fire restoration is complex work that requires skill and specialised equipment and materials. It is a process best left to professionals who know what they are doing.

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