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Water Removal: Learn to clean your flooded basement

If you live at home, you must be prepared for another problem: flooding the basement. Learn how to isolate and how to clean it in case of flooding. The cellar is a flood-prone area of ​​the house, either because of heavy rains or due to infiltration of groundwater. If there are cracks in the foundation of the house, the water will easily penetrate. Most homeowners from Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville or Skokie are aware of the problem and realizes annual basement insulation works to remedy and prevent this inconvenience. However, if your basement is not well insulated, in the rainy season you can deal with floods.

If you discovered that your basement was flooded, you should prepare for the process of water removal. If the flood is not that big, all you have to do is remove the wet places with a mop and some rags. But if the flood is big, you need a pump to do the water removal. If you have the necessary equipment to remove water from the basement start as soon as possible. Start with the most affected areas or those that favour the accumulation of water. Another way to remove water is to start from the highest point of the cellar, where the water level is lower and advance on the areas with water.

If the rains stopped, open the cellar’s windows to remove the humidity. After you have finished the water removal process, it is time to dry the cellar as quickly as possible. If the heating system was not affected by the water, turn on the heat. Even in these circumstances it is important to ventilate very well. You can also use fans to boost the drying process. Also, to dry the cellar you can use some dehumidifiers. In this case, is better to close all the windows and doors.

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