Water Damage Restoration in Glenview, Skokie, Highland Park, and Chicago

Water damage restoration requires an expert disaster recovery team

There are many calamities that can result in water damage including floods, fires, burst geyser or mains and so on. Water damage can be severe and often poses health risks should the water be contaminated or become contaminated.  If you suffer water damage you need to act quickly in order to prevent additional losses and possible contamination.

Laurens Restoration provides fast water restoration services in Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville and Skokie. Water damage restoration is a specialised process involving water removal, moisture extraction, drying, salvaging, cleaning and reconstruction. The process requires the services of an expert water restoration team as well as the services of their various sub-contractors.

Time is a critical component in any water damage restoration process. The longer water is allowed to stand the more damage it will cause. Water will infiltrate you building surfaces and foundations and weaken the whole structure of your residential home or commercial premises. In addition water damage from a contaminated source will pose an immediate health risk.  Even if your water damage is from a clean source it does not take long for mold and other bacteria to form.

An expert water restoration team will secure your home or facility, remove standing water, extract moisture and clean and disinfect your residence.  After the water clean-up process they will use sophisticated and powerful equipment to dry your entire facility as well as affected contents. After this process, a construction team will get to work and restore your home or office to pre-disaster condition.

Laurens restoration will also assist you with important administrative matters such as insurance claims, estimates and related legal stuff. When you deal with a licenced, bonded and professional disaster recovery team such as Laurens Restoration, you can be confident the water clean-up, mitigation and reconstruction process will be performed to the highest standards and will result in your property being restored to mint condition.

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