Smoke Damage Help in Chicago and Aurora Illinois

Smoke Damage and mold removal services

Direct fire damage is not the only thing you need to be concerned about. Smoke damage can affect your home even if the fire is not in your home!  If you do not have the ash and smoke removed, they will cause further corrosion and etching, not to mention the terrible smoke odor that will permeate your home and make it uninhabitable for you and your loved ones. You need the services of fire restoration services to mitigate and repair smoke damage and remove related ash and odors.

Laurens Restoration specialized in disaster recovery and provides fire restoration services in Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville and Skokie. Fire restoration requires specialised equipment and skills and as such is a task best left to the professionals.  Fire restorations requires a wide range of tools and equipment including high tech wrapping materials, cleaning machines, detergents, transport vehicles, dry cleaning equipment, disinfectants, pressure pumps, safety equipment and more.

The process is involved and starts with an initial assessment of the damage. From there they will devise a plan, determine the equipment required and the size of the team. Then the actual restoration work will begin.  This involves packing up your belongings, water removal, smoke removal, cleaning surfaces, upholstery and carpet cleaning as well as construction and repairs.

Since water is used to extinguish the fire there is also a big risk of mold infection. In such an event mold removal is essential to prevent further damage as well as health risks. Fire restoration, smoke damage and mold removal services are extremely time sensitive. The longer you wait the greater the damage will be. There is also a safety risk as well as the risk of infection and heath related consequences.

When you suffer fire and smoke damage you need to call the disaster recovery people immediately.

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