Chicago Area Clothing Restoration Dry Cleaning

Clothing Restoration Dry Cleaning in Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville, and Skokie, IL

In the event that you have damaged clothing, whether due to fire, water or odor, we can help. To begin, a Project Manager will be sent to your home to assess the damage and set up a time for our restoration dry cleaning crew to come to your home to pick up your clothing. Upon arrival our Laurens Cleaners crew will determine which clothing items are likely to be restorable.

Our crew with help you to separate which clothing pieces you will need returned immediately. We will tag these items separately and have them cleaned for you within 2 business days so that you can carry on with your life.

Our crew will go through each room and place your clothing in laundry bags clearly marked with the name of the room the clothing came from. Once the crew has removed all salvageable clothing, they will then return to our industrial sized dry cleaning plant on the premises of Laurens Restoration.

The restoration of your clothing will begin by treating them with ozone, if needed, in order to remove odor. After that they will be laundered, dry cleaned, or sent out to a specialist to be restored. Most clothing items will be placed on hangers. Laundered items, linens, etc. will be bundled, and shoes, purses, bags, and other small items will be stored in boxes.

Once all of your belongings are completed, a Laurens Restoration representative will then call to schedule delivery of your items. We will return your belongings to the room from where they were taken, or to a temporary residence if that should be the case. If you have any other questions regarding our clothing restoration dry cleaning services please feel free to call and speak to our highly qualified staff!

Our aim at Laurens Restoration, Inc. is to provide a thorough, professional, cost-effective service at a time when you need it most.

Laurens Restoration, Inc. is a full service disaster recovery and restoration service provider. We are experts in fire damage restoration, flood and water damage restoration, mold removal, restoration dry cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, water removal, and restoration construction. We serve the communities of Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville, and Skokie, IL