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First steps after a fire and fire restoration in Chicago

 Fire Restoration Chicago: After a fire it is difficult to get yourself together and plan what you will do next. The amount of lost goods, material or sentimental can be very high and it’s also normal to happen that way. Excluding the loss of those we love in order not to aggravate the situation. In the following you will find a few tips for those moments after the fire that the biggest companies of damage restoration from Aurora, Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park, Naperville and Skokie give.

As obvious they seem, as difficult is to think about what attitude you should take. Maybe some of you will be able to arrange their lives back together in this way.

The first steps after the fire:

1. If necessary, find a shelter.

2. Contact your insurance company, if necessary.

3. If you are a lodger, contact the owner.

4. Remove as much valuable goods from the house (after the fire, not in his time).

5. Try to find all your documents.

6. If the house is inhabitable, you can call the police to protect the remaining assets.

7. Contact other organizations that can help (financial, legal, etc.)

If you decide to start the fire restoration it would be appropriate to seek a company that knows how to do this. It would be wise to consult people who are well prepared in this domain in order not to cause more damage and in order not to feel the effects of a poorly done work. First of all, let everything dry, after the intervention of fire fighters. Open the windows, use the ventilation and take out in the sun everything you think it can be dried. Note that most of the objects are filled with soot and oil; try not to mess up other things. When everything is dried you can start cleaning up. Use a vacuum cleaner for all surfaces including curtains.

Survival even after the fire may not be easy but should not be the end of life, of dreams and plans.

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